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            Welcome to Firwood international winery!
            Firwood winery
            Brewing quality red wine and enjoying life!
            Service hotline:
            FirWood●hot product
            Explore red wine for Asians
          1. Chile series wine
          2. Australian wines
          3. Spanish wines
          4. Gift box
          5. FirWood ● winery
            Looking for Firwood Manor!
            Professional winery
            Professional, So focused
            FirWood—Wine experts around you!
            Qingdao firwood wine industry Co., Ltd. is a franchise brand operation enterprise specializing in high-quality imported original bottles of wine. Fir Wood International winery acquired 75% of the shares of Gonzalo winery in Chile at the end of 2016 and renamed Fir Wood International winery in Chile. At the beginning of 2017, it acquired 82% of the shares of haimar winery in Australia and renamed Fir Wood International winery in Australia......
            Focus on the latest trends of wine industry
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